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Third-Party Application Maintenance (TPM)

Solstys provides Third-Party Application Maintenance services for internet, intranet, extranet, software and computer apps.

Third-Party Application Maintenance is the maintenance of a solution originally developed by a third-party vendor or by your own internal development teams.

  • Third-Party Application Maintenance of a website
  • Third-Party Application Maintenance of an intranet
  • Third-Party Application Maintenance of an extranet
  • Third-Party Application Maintenance of information system and computer applications

It is essential that IT apps are kept in operating condition to maintain performance.

Want to switch your IT apps to Third-Party Application Maintenance? Our maintenance approach follows a step-by-step process to provide you with a solution that meets your needs and business requirements.

Audit –> Assess workload –> Choose an appropriate intervention.

Audit and assessment of workload

The audit phase is essential and is the springboard for us to deliver support, corrective maintenance and upgrade maintenance services. During this phase, we immerse ourselves in the solution and analyze the code and the features to ultimately assess the workload required to maintain it.

Corrective maintenance

Corrective maintenance involves correcting bugs and malfunctions encountered as a solution is used on a daily basis. Corrective maintenance therefore covers the functionality already implemented in the solution, not new functionality.

Upgrade maintenance

Upgrade maintenance handles the upgrades/changes you want to make to your software/web solution. Depending on the nature of the project, this can be fixed price or at hourly rates. We adapt the cost mode to your preferences and constraints.

Third-Party Application Maintenance (TPM) – our commitments

Work with confidence, rely on a single point of contact and benefit from a highly available organization dedicated to third-party application maintenance. To guarantee you the highest quality of service, Solstys provides a formalized Third-Party Application Maintenance contract, clearly specifying the scope of our intervention and our commitments.

Show us your existing solutions and let us analyze them and handle the upgrades and changes!