Custom software: The benefits

Software that fits your organization
Features that match your business
Interoperability with your existing tools
Software that can scale to meet new needs

Custom software

Solstys, a custom software developer, specializes in creating, integrating and maintaining fully developed software solutions to optimize the working methods of businesses and organizations.

Software creation: Project methods, needs analysis, specifications, creation of a requirements specification, development, testing, acceptance testing, implementation, training and further development.

Recovery and maintenance of existing software: Site audit/status quo, corrective/upgrade maintenance and user support.

Our work designing custom software follows a project management approach which starts with analyzing your business problems and your needs to formalize the functional specifications of the tool to be developed, whether a web app, intranet, extranet, mobile solutions, databases or other solutions.

Developing custom business software

Custom business software means a computer application developed specifically to match the universe and constraints around your activities (business, organization or community).

Perfectly suited to your needs and use cases, custom software is an easy-to-upgrade solution.

Solstys has expertise creating secure web-based business software accessible from an internet browser that you can harness for your projects.

Understand the problem you need to solve

Identify the best solutions

Equip you with the tools that will support your growth