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Mobile app development

Solstys develops mobile apps and business mobility solutions métiers, for mobile professionals and consumers.

The mobile web is exploding. Smartphones, digital tablets, embedded systems – there are vast numbers of mobile devices now used to communicate and to work from anywhere at any time.

As mobility increases, web apps have to adapt to the new devices that extend connected information systems. You can turn all kinds of business apps and websites into a mobile app. The apps are then usually connected to a web back-office that can be used to administer and manage the solution (moderation, settings, notifications and more).

Your mobile app project

Depending on the objectives of your mobile project, we provide advice and support to design and develop your mobile apps in hybrid or native technologies.

Mobile Apps: A mobile app developed specifically for mobile support and that can be checked/used without a connection to the internet with the ability to use a set of features. Apps can then be distributed to the public Apple Store/Google Play Store or to private stores.

Web app : An enhanced mobile website with ergonomics that are optimized to compete with mobile apps. A web app is cross-platform and can be viewed/used when connected to the internet

Mobile Website: Mobile web version of a website that is responsive and optimized for all mobile devices and can be accessed via all web browsers and on all platforms (iOS, Android, Windows 10 etc.).

Our position

One of the difficulties encountered in developing mobile apps is the variety of mobile devices and operating systems, which makes it difficult to run development and maintenance on multiple platforms and multiplies the associated costs.

At Solstys, we made the decision to rely on cross-platform technologies, which means we can accelerate development and pool the production, porting and maintenance costs.

  • One application, but multiple display models depending on screen size and device orientation
  • Ergonomics for mobility and a touch interface (swipe management etc.)
  • Optimization of the local app cache to reduce the impact of network/connection failure

Technologies and platforms

Development of cross-platform mobile apps compiled in a container suitable for each platform: Android, iOS (iPhone, iPad), BlackBerry and Windows Phone.

Development of mobile apps in the HTML5 language combined with display libraries (Angular, Sencha, jQuery Mobile, etc.).

By using Solstys to design, maintain and further develop mobile apps, you benefit from a team of experts to advise you throughout your project.