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IT services, at hourly rates or fixed price

Solstys provides consulting, development, integration and maintenance services at hourly rates or at a fixed price to clients, companies, SMEs, local authorities and IT service companies.

Remote at hourly rates

An hourly rates package just means that personnel are assigned to your project. We provide one or more developers and an optional project manager to implement your project.

Hourly rates are preferred for projects with a scope that is not yet well defined and where the specifications are likely to change. Unlike fixed price, there is a commitment of resources, but not a commitment to achieve a specific result.

Fixed price

For a fixed price, we analyze your needs and commit, on the basis of the requirements specification, to carry out project development within a specific number of days and at a fixed price.

A fixed price is recommended if the project framework is well-defined and the accuracy of the functional and technical specifications leaves no or very little room for interpretation.

Unlike hourly rates, we commit to achieving a specific result. As standard, we offer a 3-month warranty with our fixed-price packages. We can offer corrective and/or upgrade maintenance.

Mixed package of hourly rates and fixed price

The 2 pricing models can be used in parallel for the same project. This may be a fixed price for the base solution plus hourly rates to upgrade for changes over the long life cycle of an application, site or developed software.

Contact us. We will recommend the best package for your project.