An intranet that meets your needs

Organize an information system to
Share information
Optimize a workflow

Web expertise within a managed project, so you can:

Manage with ease
Gain productivity
Deliver personalized services
Interface with business apps
Centralize, organize and share information

Intranet development

We design secure web apps tailored to the needs of your internal communications and collaboration without your business.

We help you choose the best technical solutions and define the intranet capabilities you need to communicate internally and share your information.

An intranet portal comes with a web interface that allows you to bring together the different flows of information without your company and develop synergies, sharing information between the different collaborators.

Every intranet is different. Depending on the company, intranet is led by the IT department, human resources or the communications department. At the functional level, needs also vary.

In general, an intranet site includes :

  • Content management with a validation system (workflow)
  • Management of rights and permissions
  • Access to collaborative messaging + shared calendars
  • Links to business apps
  • Tools that syndicate external information (RSS) for business and technology intelligence
  • Interactive tools (forum, chat etc.) and more

Do you want to securely communicate information and files across your organization via the internet by setting up an intranet site?

Use Solstys solutions to create an intranet that meets your needs.