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History of Solstys

Founded in Brittany (France) in 2003 by 5 partners, Solstys has been working for more than 17 years on projects for its customers, creating custom web and mobile apps.

Solstys is a custom IT services company. We capitalize on our deep expertise in development, our extensive experience across different sectors and our work with customers of all sizes, to implement successful and permanent solutions that meet your specific requirements.

I-Maj software

Solstys began life as a software editor using I-Maj, a proprietary content management system (or CMS) at a time when WordPress and Drupal were in their infancy.

The unique feature of the solution was its content editor, I-Maj Edit, which was fully WYSIWYG, so that all users, especially non-specialists, could easily update all the content of a site, whether on an intranet/extranet or on the internet, with minimum training.

I-Maj was a success and used by many different companies and organizations, such as: Chevron Oronite, the Amiens University Hospital, the local health insurance schemes in the Manche and Meuse regions, Moët & Chandon, Shiseido International France, Trecobat, the City of Creil, as well as SMEs, associations and sports federations, communities, communes, and many more.

Alongside the packaged I-Maj solution for generic requirements such as internal communication and file sharing,Solstys used the I-Maj framework to develop true business tools tailored to the specific needs of its customers, including tools for managing and monitoring work sites, tools for managing applications and fees in education, and decision-making tools with dashboards, Excel exports and PDF printouts.

Share&Go Solution

Developed from a version of I-Maj, the Share&Go solution met the growing need to share files with customers, employees, suppliers and external partners.

More than 100 clients have used Share&Go over the years, including banks, who have integrated the solution into their process for collecting supporting documents for online loan applications.

Web and mobile app development

Following its experience with the I-Maj & Share&Go proprietary solutions, Solstys decided to gradually move to bespoke development based on technologies exclusively from the opensource world.

Since 2010, Solstys has kept a constant eye on opensource technologies and uses the most relevant as the basis for development, always in the interest of its clients (ensuring sustainability and reversibility).

Opening an agency in Brasov, Romania, headed by Laurent Lefevre, means that Solstys can now strengthen its development teams and access new markets.

Technical expertise