An extranet that meets your needs

Share information securely
Provide custom services
Interface with business apps.

Customer extranet – extranet for collaboration

Solstys is a web expert with a track record creating and developing extranet sites, extranet portals for business, extranets for collaboration and intelligent online communication tools.

We build secure web apps that are tailored to your business and for sharing information with third parties. We help you choose the best technical solutions and define the extranet features that are essential for communication and sharing.

An extranet lets you share and make personalized, contextualized information available to your customers, partners, remote employees and suppliers from any web-connected workstation.

Implemented with a software solution ready to be configured or as bespoke development, the extranet can be standalone, linked to your existing website or fully integrated into your website.

Do you want to securely sent information and files to remote clients or partners over the internet by setting up an extranet site?

Controlled access management
Filter data by profile
Share data securely
Personalized services