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Rich apps

Solstys specializes in developing Rich Internet Applications (RIAs).

Whatever the input and viewing device, whatever the role of the user of the app or the site, we develop rich, ergonomic and intuitive interfaces that add value to the front offices and back offices of your software.

Rich apps are apps that run in an internet browser (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Chrome, etc.) and are very similar, both cosmetically and ergonomically, to desktop or client-server apps.

Rich apps have desktop application interfaces and functionality without the traditional constraints associated with desktop applications.

They are easy to deploy and do not require access to client machines. They can be used on mobile devices (PC, tablet, smartphone, etc.) on an extranet or intranet.

Rich apps are suitable as business apps to increase business productivity. We specialize in developing business apps that use this type of interface.

These rich interfaces and graphic libraries are particularly of interest and powerful when it comes to:

  • Querying a database, querying by keyword and sorting
  • Generating reports in different formats (tables, charts, and other graphic presentations)
  • Displaying practical and intuitive input interfaces (multi-tab screens, drop-down menus, etc.)
  • Offering users a familiar desktop environment (equivalent to the Windows desktop with a start menu, icons and shortcuts, apps that open in movable and resizable windows) within the browser itself
  • Providing site or intranet/extranet administrators with a powerful back-office and a practical and intuitive administration interface

Our core business is to optimize and drive the apps and software that make your business easier and smoother!