What framework should I choose?

Laravel: Our favorite in recent years: Powerful, flexible, a must-have!

Meteor JS: Requests are possible on the client, even when disconnected from the server!

Sencha ExtJS: Desktop apps, but in a web browser!

Zend: One of the most famous platforms behind powerful web services and business apps!

What are frameworks?

What is a framework? A development framework is a set of routines that save time when developing software, an app and/or a web project. A framework is a pragmatic choice that means you do not have to reinvent the wheel for every project. For a given project, there may be several relevant frameworks. We choose the best match for the requirements and constraints of the project, taking into account the strengths and weaknesses of each framework.


LARAVEL: This framework emerged in recent years and has quickly become a favorite among developers. It is a good trade-off between efficiency and power with a set of benefits including clarity of code, speed of development and ease of maintenance. It is perfect for everything from the simplest to the most complex apps. For projects that also need a front-facing, editable website, you can add a dedicated CMS to the framework, the October CMS, which is very nice to use.


METEOR JS: This is a high-performance framework for developing hyper-responsive web and mobile apps on the server and client side. If you want to reduce display latency by compensating for any communication lag, it can run a specific number of requests and data processing operations locally on the client side, even in offline mode. There is nothing better when it comes to applying changes and displaying updates to graphs or tables in milliseconds for a better user experience!


SENCHA EXTJS: This Javascript framework can be used to develop cross-platform web apps with all the power of HTML5 and the many available graphics libraries to display attractive and powerful interfaces. This is the framework of choice for business apps that are multi-window in a virtual desktop environment!


ZEND FRAMEWORK: This is one of the most widely used php frameworks in the world, as the driving force behind many projects, including a lot of very large enterprise apps. It is more difficult to handle on the developer side than other frameworks, but is extremely powerful.

Some of our developers also have skills using the following frameworks: Symfony, Yii and CakePHP. Do you need our frameworks expertise to get your project into shape? Do you need additional resources to round out your team and make progress on your software? Use our expertise!