A powerful platform

This is the Swiss Army knife that simplifies implementation of app architecture and functions!

For iOS/Android/web and mobile apps!

A battery of tools and services that work together!


Firebase, supported by Google, is a platform for web and mobile apps that comes with a lot of tools for developers, including the ability to solve complex challenges and automate:

  • App execution
  • App hosting
  • App interconnection with the most common online services
  • Processing app data
  • Processing specific app operations (sending notifications, managing statistics, managing uploads/downloads)
  • App maintenance

The platform is scalable and configurable to match the increasing power of apps (computing power and the growth of data volume).

Looking for a platform for your web and mobile apps that will make it easier to get into production quickly and to maintain your apps in future? Think “Firebase” and, of course, think Solstys as well!