Hybrid apps

Flexibility and scalability

Access to all native features

Reduced initial development and maintenance costs

Hybrid mobile apps

Solstys also specializes in Developing cross-platform hybrid apps.


How do they work? You only develop and maintain one set of code. This code is then encapsulated in a container that allows it to run as a native app on iOS and Android.


The developed app therefore has access to the same hardware functions as any native app, including the camera, GPS, sensors, microphone, contact list and so on.

There are many technologies that can be used (languages, libraries and hosting platforms), depending on the needs and constraints of a project.

We often rely on the Ionic framework, which is one of the proven standards for cross-platform mobile development. It includes HTML5, CSS and JavaScript for interface code, Angular for logic and data management, and Apache Cordova (or Phonegap) for native management.

If a server application needs to be developed with a mobile app, we can use Firebase technologies to provide a runtime, processing, hosting and data synchronization environment for cross-platform mobile apps.

We have experience implementing these technologies in many projects where the requested functions have included:

  • Collecting information entered via mobile forms for reporting purposes
  • Geolocating users asynchronously or in real time
  • Displaying practical and intuitive input interfaces (multi-tab screens, drop-down menus, etc.)
  • Time-stamping every action of each user
  • Managing the cache and synchronizing data according to the user’s location (with GPS/network/WiFi connection or without)
  • Sharing captured images and videos via smartphone, sharing files, and chatting or launching audio or video messaging to interact with app users
  • Interacting with third-party solutions (e.g. Gmail and Google Drive)

Do you want to know whether your mobile app project is suitable and a good fit for developing this kind of very powerful and cost-effective hybrid app? Then let’s talk!