Project objectives

  • Automate tasks
  • Fluidify the flow of information between PNA and its clients
  • Combine all information in a database
  • Provide interfaces to analyze and extract data

Solstys services

  • Custom development
  • Installation on client’s server
  • Security
  • Maintenance

Technologies used

  • Laravel framework
  • Powerful and ergonomic graphic libraries
PNA webapp: login


PNA is the port authority for the commercial ports of Caen-Ouistreham and Cherbourg and owns and develops the two ports, which work with commercial ships and ensure the safe transit of passengers and goods.

To use this infrastructure, shipowners, such as Britanny Ferries, have to pay port duties, which vary depending on the volume of the vessel, the number of passengers and the goods that are loaded and unloaded.

PNA web app: port of call

Payment of these fees is based on self-declaration, where shipowners state the movements of goods or passengers during the stopover, the characteristics of the relevant vessels, and the amounts due at the applicable rates

PNA wanted to develop a computer app so that it can automatically receive and store in databases the data relating to port charges for its clients, and also so that it can analyze and extract data. The main objectives were therefore to save time, streamline information flows and automate tracking of revenue for accounting purposes.


First, listening and data import mechanisms were set up as background tasks.

Web interfaces were then designed to be able to sort, filter, analyze and re-export the data.

The solution developed by Solstys using modern development technologies (Laravel framework and responsive graphic libraries) was then installed on PNA’s secure web server.

The PNA solution can be used just as effectively on a computer, tablet or smartphone.

Benefits for PNA

> A modern, responsive and upgradeable web platform

> Time saved for processing, sorting and analyzing information!

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