Project objectives

  • A simple and intuitive decision-making tool
  • Multi-account management
  • Access on all devices (PC, Mac, tablet and smartphone)

Solstys services

  • Custom development
  • Installation and hosting
  • Security
  • Maintenance

Technologies used

  • Meteor framework
  • Javascript / NodeJS


Piloteasy web app: calculations


Pilotage Tpe Ouest is a company managed by Pascal Caillibot that specializes in consulting for traders and micro-businesses. It provides support and advice to its clients on managing their business. Its clients are tradespeople and/or business managers who do not necessarily have the time, skills or tools to analyze key indicators and get the information they need to monitor their business and make quick decisions.

Piloteasy web app: dashboards

Pilotage Tpe Ouest used to use several tools to support decision-making and wanted a web tool that can be accessed anywhere with login/password and that integrates all the useful indicators for managers.


The solution developed by Solstys is based on modern development technologies (Javascript Meteor framework and NodeJs) and is installed on a secure web server. It lets Pilotage Tpe Ouest create different user accounts for its customers and customers can connect to their personal management space where they can see all the relevant indicators related to their activity, grouped by topic.

The indicators are generated from the data entered by the user. As soon as one of the parameters is changed, all the indicators are recalculated in real time. This includes a history year on year. All the useful tables can be generated and printed as PDFs.

The Piloteasy solution is used in admin or user mode from a computer, tablet or smartphone.

As a web solution, once an update is available on the server platform, all the clients automatically benefit from the latest version. The Piloteasy solution has just been launched and will evolve following feedback from its users.

Benefits for Pilotage Tpe Ouest

> Differentiation from the competition

> Real added value for clients

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