Project objectives

  • A cross-platform iOS/Android app
  • Public accounts and access
  • PRO accounts and access
  • Admin accounts and access for OSOK

Solstys services

  • Custom development
  • Integration of OSOK corporate identity
  • Publication in stores
  • Maintenance

Technologies used

  • Ionic Framework
  • Firebase
  • ElasticSearch
  • Mapbox API
  • Facebook API
  • Angular

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Guillaume Pascreau, project manager at OSOK, had been toying for a number of years with the idea of a party geolocation service for the public that would also provide a way for professionals to advertise (bar managers, discos and festival organizers).

He decided to turn the idea into reality and provide the service as a mobile app on the Android and iPhone smartphones used by his target audience.

OSOK is a social network for parties as a mobile app aimed at users looking for information on events near them and at businesses that organize parties (such as bars, discos and festivals organizers). It is also targeted at advertisers who want to advertise their businesses and events to potential customers in a given catchment area.

Appli Osok : carte

Users looking for parties are geolocated by default and points of interest are displayed near users as icons that they can save as favorites. Users can opt to be notified when events are suggested nearby in a given radius or when events are organized by businesses they have added to favorites.

Party organizers can also register under a different profile and manage their page, where they can plan and promote their events.

OSOK staff can use the web interface for admin, to manage the rights of party organizers and to moderate information posted on the platform before it is published.


Solstys developed the mobile app using cross-platform technologies (Ionic Framework) to optimize development time and costs.


Specifically, the Android app was developed and tested first, and then compiled for iOS. The following third-party technologies have also been integrated: Firebase for notification management, Mapbox for mapping, Facebook for the list of businesses and importing info by default, and Elastic Search for searches.

The development architecture and database structures were designed by Solstys, taking into account the development anticipated by the project owner.

Lots of further development is already in the works to bring more services to all the target groups!

Benefits for OSOK

> A custom solution developed by a team of leading experts who listen

> Faster implementation and market launch than an app developed internally

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