Project objectives

  • A simple and effective solution
  • An online reference for shipowners
  • Including tools and dashboards
  • Access on all devices (PC, Mac, tablet and smartphone)

Solstys services

  • Custom development
  • Installation and hosting
  • Security
  • Maintenance

Technologies used

  • Framework Laravel
  • Powerful and ergonomic graphic libraries


Kanot web app: login


Richard Marine Consulting saw a need among its shipowner clients for a simple solution that could provide technical and regulatory monitoring of their ships.

The solution needed to manage and track regulatory certificates, security equipment, maintenance and consumption with an expiration reminder tool to ensure that they were valid.

Web App Kanot : tableaux de bord
Web App Kanot : équipements

The Kanot service runs on a web app that can be accessed from anywhere with login/password and which provides access for shipowners to a range of information, including dashboards, security, maintenance, consumption and documents.

Visual indicators and alerts let you see at a glance the different deadlines and the actions to be taken.

The shipowner can, if desired, delegate the management of certain tasks to other users, such as the ship’s captain, the chief engineer etc.


The solution developed by Solstys using modern development technologies (Laravel framework and responsive graphic libraries) has been installed on a secure web server.

The solution consists of one part specifically for shipowners and a back-office that allows Richard Marine Consulting to manage client access to the platform.

As a web solution, once an update is available on the server platform, all the clients automatically benefit from the latest version.

Benefits for Richard Marine Consulting

> A beautiful tool tailor-made for their customers!

> A scalable architecture that can integrate new features on demand!

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