Project objectives

  • A cross-platform iOS/Android app
  • Playful: Questionnaire, chat, comparisons and more
  • Multilingual

Solstys services

  • Custom development
  • Integration of corporate identity
  • Publication in stores
  • Maintenance

Technologies used

  • Ionic Framework
  • Firebase
  • ElasticSearch
  • Twilio API
  • Facebook API
  • Angular

Download the application

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Dittowe app: users around


Dittowe’s creators wanted to make a mobile app that allowed its users to compare themselves on the basis of common answers to a universal questionnaire covering different topics, including habits, tastes, personality traits, life relationships, etc. and to engage in conversation via chat.

Compare with friends, discover what you have in common with strangers around the world or next door, socialize or find love in a fun way: The Dittowe way!

Dittowe app: questionnaire


After registering for the service via email, Facebook, Apple or Google, the user starts by filling in a profile and is invited to answer a questionnaire (300 questions with 4 choices each time, text or images) that can be completed at any pace.

The user has access to the list of users in the world and nearby for chat. Using Dittowe money, users can display the number and list of answers in common with a given user and view their TOP5 World list.

The user must allow access to GPS to select the nearby search area.

Users get notifications when there is a new chat or if a user requests the score or list of answers they have in common.

A web-based interface allows app creators to administer the solution, view key statistics, and add questions.


Solstys developed the mobile app using cross-platform technologies (Ionic Framework) to optimize development time and costs.

Specifically, the Android app was developed and tested first, and then compiled for iOS. The following third-party technologies have also been integrated: Firebase for notification management, Twilio for chat, Elastic Search for real-time search queries.

The development architecture and database structures were designed by Solstys, taking into account the development anticipated by the project owner.

Multilingual is managed (English and French are already available) and other languages can easily be added as needed or when the application moves into new markets.

Benefits for DITTOWE

> A custom solution developed by a team of leading experts!

> Scalable architecture to quickly adapt to new user demand!

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