Project objectives

  • Share and centralize
    information for 800 staff
  • Make all actions transparent
  • Centralize and customize access to tools

Solstys services

  • I-Maj CMS installation and standard modules delivery
  • Develop specific modules
  • Personalized corporate identity and homepage
  • Online training for administrators
  • Maintenance

Technologies used

  • I-Maj CMS
City of Creil Intranet: homepage


As part of its internal communication strategy and its overall digitalization strategy, the City of Creil wanted to set up an intranet that could provide new services to its staff and meet their requirements for sharing and accessing the range of information and tools at their disposal.

A consultation was initiated by the steering committee, which was made up of the IT department and the communications department under the supervision of city management. The aim was to implement a v1 version that would integrate the essential functions while also being able to unlock new features down the line. The challenge was to find a modular and scalable solution on a relatively small budget.

City of Creil Intranet: navigation menu


Before sale, the Solstys teams provided the City with a model of the future intranet. Several staff tested the solution’s capabilities for content management, access rights, and were able to confirm that it was easy to use and set up.

This is was convinced the City to chose Solstys, as the I-Maj solution is so easy to use that staff with non-technical backgrounds can quickly take ownership of all the tools needed to bring content and news online.

The I-Maj solution was implemented on a City server with a personalized corporate identity and homepage. The standard modules were then configured and the modules developed specifically for the City were added down the line.

A link between the intranet and the existing authentication solution has been configured so that, once connected to their network, users are automatically identified on the intranet (Single Sign on/SSO).

Among the most important features on the intranet are:

  • News management
  • Contact directory/who’s who/organization chart
  • Forms so that processes can be digitalized
  • The library of links
  • The search engine
City of Creil Intranet: contact directory

The Intranet administrators were then trained by Solstys at several sessions (approx. 8 hours).

The City of Creil can now manage its intranet entirely autonomously!

Now that the intranet has been launched and is already well used on a daily basis, the City of Creil is already thinking about the new features that need to be implemented to build on the range of services delivered by the first version.

Benefits for the City of Creil
> Improved access to information and improved information sharing
> Centralized access to web resources and apps
> Improved project management and cross-departmental thinking
> Promotion of campaigns and projects being delivered by the City

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