Project objectives

  • Digitize the paper processes of the company restaurant
  • Provide interfaces to all actors: employees, caterer, administrator
  • Access on all terminals (PC, Mac, tablet, smartphone)

Solstys services

  • Custom Developpment
  • Installation on client ‘s  server
  • Security
  • Maintenance

Technologies used

  • Angular
  • Laravel Lumen
BCF Life Sciences: employee access, order meals


BCF Life Sciences is a SME located in Pleucadeuc in Brittany (France). Specialized in the extraction of natural amino acids, the company is a supplier for big companies in the pharmaceutical industry, dietary supplements and infant nutrition.

The IT department needed a customized web/software solution to easily manage all the flows of their company restaurant.

One of the objectives included in the specifications: accessibility from any terminal connected to the company’s network: computer, tablet, smartphone.


Several audiences use the tool:

  • the caterer can enter the dishes / menus that will be offered to employees, he can export the orders to plan the supply
BCF Life Sciences: caterer access, enter menus and dishes
  • the 200 employees can order their meals and give feedback on past meals.
  • the Human Resources department can automatically charge meals to employees by exporting an Excel file that will be imported into the HRIS tool.
BCF Life Sciences: admin access, export csv files
  • the staff who manage the company restaurant can automatically print the labels to be placed daily on the meals.


Solstys has developed the solution in Web App mode using Laravel Lumen and Angular web technologies. The solution works on PC / tablet / cell phone. The interfaces are responsive and adapted to the device’s screen size.

As is often the case, a manual or paper process was already in place and the new process avoids duplicate entries, automatically sorts/exports useful information and notifies the various actors by e-mail. This leads into productivity gains for everyone!

Benefits for BCF Life Sciences

> automation of tasks for data extraction and label printing!

> time savings in the management of the company catering for all the actors concerned!

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