Project objectives

  • A cross-platform iOS/Android app
  • Updates jobs in real time
  • Reporting forms and photo upload
  • Synchronization with existing server solution

Solstys Services

  • Custom development
  • Webservices development
  • Maintenance

Technologies used

  • Ionic Framework
  • Angular

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Actiale provides sales force outsourcing services to its customers, which are mainly major consumer product brands, who need to carry out point of sale animation and shelf optimization operations at points of sale such as supermarkets, throughout France.


Actiale wanted to bring additional value to its customers by offering them real-time status of the tasks in progress at their points of sale. To deliver, it was necessary to be able to report on the presence of Actiale employees in the field, the actual start and end times of the job, and the job reports in real time.

Actiale app: mission details

A mobile app for employees was designed to be available on all mobile devices, whether Android or iOS.

There was one significant constraint. As each employee may not have GPS or network coverage at all times when using the app, an app was needed that could maintain a cache and re-synchronize the data when connected again.

In terms of features, the employee, once identified, receives the up-to-date list of jobs, can record arrival at the job, take photos with a smartphone and link them to the job (an animation, a gondola end in a supermarket for example etc.) and enter information in a reporting form.

All the time-stamped and geolocated information is sent to the Actiale servers as soon as the employee is connected.


Solstys developed the mobile app using cross-platform technologies (Ionic Framework) to optimize development time and costs.

Specifically, the Android app was developed and tested first, and then compiled for iOS. Webservices have also been developed to receive updated mission data on the Actiale server and so that the application side can also reinject data into the server solution. Cache management was planned to manage the different employee use cases (network/GPS available or not available etc.).

The application is expected to change following feedback from its large number of users.

Benefits for Actiale

> Better visibility of current employee activities in the field

> For customers: The status of jobs and all actions in real time

> Which means value added for everyone!

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